Journey, Ending. Ministry, Continuing. – Makaylin Bartholomew

WOW. It’s so hard to believe that tomorrow morning i’ll be traveling back home. Never did I ever think I’d be doing this. And never did I ever think that it would not only change my life, but change the way I viewed reality.

I used to be such a self centered person. I had an awful attitude, I was disrespectful, I was disobedient. I was a sinner. Until I came here. I found Christ, and I found the right way to live.

In Psalms 37 the scripture says “Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him”.

I’m so thankful for this week. For the people who helped get me here, all the donators, the Bruski family, the great seventeen people I got to know even better throughout this experience.

I hope to come back for the summer. I’ll need help and, of course, I’ll work super hard to get there. But until then, trust, love, and stay holy.

Noapte Buna!


Romania – To Be Continued… Ali McGee

This week I have learned that the smallest things can make a difference in someone’s life, whether you realize it or not. They may not even realize it, but it still makes a difference. We went bowling with a group of kids that live at a place called the Minor Center. These kids have it bad, I can’t describe the awful conditions they live in. While we were bowling I looked over and saw this boy named Patrick that was sitting by himself. I walked over to him and sat down with him and said a few things of English that he could understand, most of the time we spent together was spent in silence. Two days later we go back to the Minor Center and he comes up to me and hugs me, asks his friend to move so I can sit down beside him, and right before I left he hugged me and told me about how much he is going to miss me. How can someone you have known for maybe 48 hours and not even have had a full conversation with miss you so much? Those few words exchanged between us that night made a difference to him.

Earlier this week we went to take food to shut-ins. We came to the house of an 82 year old named Maria. She told us about how her husband had died and how they used to run everywhere with each other. She says one day she and her husband will run together again one day, in heaven. Maria is one of the strongest people I have ever met. Besides her daughter and her two grandchildren, she is completely alone. Her husband walks with Christ and she knows one day they will all walk together.

Hopefully this summer I will get the opportunity to come back for two weeks. I have 2,500 dollars to raise, but I think with strong faith in God and the great support of my friends and family I will be able to do it. Please pray for our team as we travel home, please pray for the Bruski family for making all of this possible, please pray for Maria, and please pray for Patrick.

God Loves You!

Eventful- Carli Sisson

today we had the chance to take boys and girls with troubled lives out into the town and go bowling which is something these children truly needed. I am so thankful to be on this trip with students I go to school with and being able to watch them serve God. I have been truly touched and I am thankful for this opportunity! sending much  love back home! 

A day full of excitement- Carli

Seeing all these people who worship God in a different language has completely amazed me because it seems almost so hard to comprehend when sitting at my house. I have seen pure joy in children’s faces by simply hugging them and seen parents in tears just because we give them a small package of sugar. God has so many great things in store for these people and I am looking forward to the remainder of my week!

Romania Day 1 – Ali McGee

I’ve only been here for 2 days and I am already in love. Romania is such an amazing place with truly amazing people. It would break your heart to see what some of these people go through every single day. We take so much for granted that God has truly blessed us with. Today we went to a village and told the children the story of the Resurrection of Christ, played games with them, and gave them a toy and some candy. It would amaze you to see how much joy this simple action brought them. They we so happy and they smiled the entire time. When we first drove into the village the children saw us and ran towards us and hugged us and held our hands when we got out of the van. I am able to see God in each and every one of these children. I believe He has brought me here for a reason and words cannot describe how much happiness that brings me. I  ask that you all please continue to pray for our team as we do our work and again for the people of Romania. Thank you all so much.

God Loves You!


3 days = Mind Blown – Makaylin Bartholomew

WOW. This is literally all I can say. I’ve fallen in love with this place. The people. The culture. Everything. Today really opened my eyes the most; since it was our first day actually working.

I’ve realized how much I’ve taken for granted. My everyday routine revolved around materials things, basically. Things the people here don’t have.

Mrs. Robin’s daughter, Helena (Lanie) Bruski, has aw-d me today. She opened my eyes to so much. And what makes it even more amazing, we’re just alike in so many undescriptive ways.

I didn’t get a chance to do it today, so I’ll do it tomorrow, but I realized after talking to her, I have some meditating to do with God. I have so much to talk to him about. Like, it’s time to really find myself. And doing it here is perfect setting.

I’m looking forward to my many days left here.


See ya soon, blog!

Here We Go- Carli Sisson

This trip has been amazing so far. Being able to hand a little kid a soccer ball and see their face light up is something that truly means the world to me. I ask that everyone keep these families in your prayers. They have so little but yet they smile so much! I truly believe God has so much in store for them and I hope and pray they realize the life waiting on them if they only trust and believe in Christ. I ask for special prayers for Farkas family. There are not enough words to explain the needs for this family but just a quick prayer for them would mean so much. I look forward to spending my summer with this family and thank you to everyone for so much support.